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Arsenov Packaging was founded more than a decade ago. Today, we are the leading company in the field of cardboard production as well as packaging from various types of paper, based in Novi Sad.

Production plant Arsenov

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The students of the master studies of the Department of Graphic Engineering and Design had the opportunity, as a part of their visits to production plants for packaging production, to visit Arsenov Packaging and get more familiar with the production activities of the company in the field of the production of tools for packaging as well as the production of cardboard packaging from the various types of materials.

Production of cutting tools

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Arsenov Packaging produces cutting tools for all types of packaging that cut paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, leather and similar. We can send you the tools by Post Express.

Packaging grid

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The packaging grid that we make for you is stored in our archives so that you can order the quantity you need at any time. If you decide to go for batch production of your grid.

Product Gallery

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Arsenov Packaging offers you the possibility to work together to create unique packaging design and the sample that you can test in real-world circumstances. Notice possible changes in the choice of the packaging material and in production, you will get a final product that satisfies all your needs.

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