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Arsenov Packaging was founded more than a decade ago. Today, we are the leading company in the field of tool production for packaging as well as cardboard packaging from various types of paper and materials, based in Novi Sad.

We produce all types of paper and cardboard packaging of an unlimited number, dimensions, and shapes. Materials that we use during the packaging production, depending on the type of packaging, are papes, corrugated cardboard, triplex… as well as a wide range of decorative papers.

In addition to packaging production, we manufacture the tools for packaging, by making counter plates for biging in pertinex, 3D clishes, lining, and stamping. The plates for Braille alphabet are in preparation.

In addition to packaging tools, with our technology and investment in equipment, we offer the production of unique packaging and a small quantity of packaging as well as the production of test samples.

You can choose the service that suits your business and sales needs. From the mere designing of the packaging and unique samples to producing tools for packaging, the printing of the packaging in digital or offset print, stamping, lining, batch production as well as small series of the desired packaging and more, all in order to obtain the ideal packaging that would satisfy your standards.

The complete process of packaging production consists of several basic steps:

Designing the box layout

GEOMETRY OF THE BOX – during this process, we design, together with you, the mere shape and dimensions of the packaging for your product. The advice and experience are very important as well as the team of experts who are there to ensure that the packaging, in addition to its aesthetic function, is also technically functional and that the utilization of the material is maximized.

Sample making and box grid

CREATIVE SOLUTIONS for packaging are easier to sell if you have the professional outlook of the samples that will help you to make the final decision about the choice of the packaging idea. Our software contains over 50,000 packaging grids in its database that can easily be adapted to your product. Based on this, we further design the packaging. Your packaging is a vital part of your brand, your production process, and financial success.

The production of tools for boxes

ARSENOV PACKAGING produces cutting tools for all types of packaging that cut paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, leather and similar. Cutting tools for packaging can be made according to your requirements and conceptual design with the help of specialized software with a built-in design and the form of the packaging database.

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Sample production before serial production 95%
Disposable creative ideas 90%
Gift packaging 85%

Arsenov Packaging offers you the possibility to work together to create unique packaging design and the sample that you can test in real-world circumstances. Notice possible changes in the choice of the packaging material and in production, you will get a final product that satisfies all your needs